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SpamAssassin for hMailServer

hMailServer is a good and free e-mail server for Windows. You can also integrate it with SpamAssassin to identify spam.

  1. Download SpamAssassin for Windows from Jam Software here
  2. Download NSSM here and save it in c:\Windows. Then type "nssm install SpamAssassin” in a console
  3. Select "spamd.exe" in SpamAssassin installation folder as application.
  4. Put these parameters in options field: -l -s spamd.log --round-robin
  5. Go to services control panel and start SpamAssassin
  6. Set options in hMailServer to use SpamAssassin
  7. Set up a new scheduled task to run sa-update.bat to automate the process of downloading and installing new rules and configuration